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First steps with SIMPLACE: Watch

SIMPLACE installation and use of SVN: Watch

Using SIMPLACE on the stick: Watch

Content draft of the video tutorials

1. First steps with SIMPLACE:

  • Explanation of the different java projects: simplace, simplacerun, lap, doc and lapclient
  • Where do I find the SimComponent code (SimComponent equations)
  • What is a solution? General explanation of the solution.
  • How to run the solution (using JUnitTest or GUI mode).
  • Where is the output stored?

 2. SIMPLACE installation and use of SVN:

  • SIMPLACE installation
  • From where to get the repository links
  • How to commit data to the SVN and how to update a project

3. Using SIMPLACE on the stick:

  • Two ways of how you can use SIMPLACE on the stick
  • To download go to download page

Scientific documentation


How to cite SIMPLACE

When using SIMPLACE, please use the below reference (Enders et al., 2023) for citing the framework. Also cite the corresponding publication containing the most related modules, configuration or result when appropriate (some are listed below). Please make sure to refer to the framework version number you used (e.g. SIMPLACE v5.0) and, if possible, to use the ModelSolution naming containing the main SimComponents (e.g. <LINTUL5-SlimWater-SoilCN>).

  • Enders, A., Vianna, M., Gaiser, T., Krauss, G., Webber, H., Srivastava, A. K., Seidel, S. J., Tewes, A., Rezaei, E. E., & Ewert, F. (2023). SIMPLACE - A versatile modelling and simulation framework for sustainable crops and agroecosystems. In Silico Plants, diad006.