SIMPLACE Framework for Software Developers

Software developers of a modelling framework are not seen as a user group of the tools in the narrow sense. They, at least initially, have difficulties with understanding the content of scientific theories and their contexts. Communication means must, thus, be established between scientists, engineers and software-framework developers. The requirements of framework developers focus more on the general requirements of software systems such as usability, performance, stability and platform independence.

In the last years, together with stronger available computing power, new requirements are emerging. Scaling issues in terms of applying detailed crop models on large areas or in high temporal resolution become increasingly important. Therefore, a modelling framework needs to support high performance computing as well as features to support regional calibration with many simulations per region. Scientific documentation is provided in: SIMPLACE - A versatile modelling and simulation framework for sustainable crops and agroecosystems

The following JavaDoc-s are available for software developers:

  1. JavaDoc of simplace core:
  2. JavaDoc of simplace core:
  3. JavaDoc of simplace core: