Use of the SIMPLACE modelling framework

Currently, the SIMPLACE framework is used as a model development platform for simulations of crop productivity over large areas such as EU-27 member states. Scientists from different disciplines (agronomy, crop physiology, soil science, hydrology) use SIMPLACE to study the impact of climate, crop management, water availability and soil properties on crop productivity. They work together in development, implement­ation, validation and application of the various model components that can then be combined to problem and data specific model solutions with different levels of complexity.

For example we offer different biomass production model components in different levels of complexity to be interchanged in the model solutions. To support the scientists in the adaptive model development process an innovative visual model builder is employed.

The framework was used as a Spatial Decision Support System in the IMPETUS project in Morocco and Benin in an administrative and rural context. It served as a user interface to run hydrological (SWAT, UHP) and agro-ecosystem (EPIC, SAHYSMOD, CROPWAT) models and supported land use classification and modelling.

SIMPLACE is also used for modelling environmental systems by decision and/or policy makers. Used in a multi-stakeholder context, the system can provide solutions for problems which require interactions between scientists, model developers and societal users.